12 July 2012

Root Cause of Sugar Cravings

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Curb Cravings Blog Series Pt. 2

Root Cause of Sugar Cravings

In Curb Cravings 'What's Wrong with Sugar' I talked about what sugar was and how it negatively affects our bodies. When I first cut back on my sugar intake (which I never thought would be possible), I remember how all of a sudden I was sleeping better, my PMS wasn't nearly as bad, I had more energy and the list goes on and on. As time progressed, overall I just felt better!

When it comes to sugar, it is not simply that we don't have the willpower or discipline to control our cravings – there are some deeper, physiological and biological reasons behind our urge.

What I will do in the Curb Cravings series is help you understand why you have those uncontrollable cravings, and what you can do to reduce them naturally and gradually over time. When we understand the reason behind those cravings, we have a much better chance to outsmart them and curb them using ways other than sugar.

First, let's look at the concept of Yin/Yang balance.

Eating foods that throw our body out of balance can create food cravings. It is very helpful to look at this idea under the lens of Yin/Yang balance. We can put all our foods along the Yin/Yang spectrum. Yin foods are the ones that are cool and expanding in nature, while Yang foods are ones that are warm and contracting in nature.

When we eat too much Yang foods – such as red meat, salt and egg, our body will want some Yin foods to restore balance. Sugar and alcohol are extreme Yin foods that our body would usually crave.

Armed with this knowledge, you can reduce your sugar cravings by eating less extreme yang foods and instead, choose foods that are more neutral on the Yin/Yang spectrum. Examples are whole grains, fish, sea vegetables, beans, root vegetables, and winter squash.

For more information about Yin/Yang, check out my 'Conquer Your Sugar Addiction' independent study program.

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