21 August 2012

Pacify Me

Posted in Weight Management, Stress Management

Inspyre You Health Pacify MeToday has been one of those days that I wish I could get back in the bed and start over. Before 11:30 a.m. I had a series of events that made me want to scream! I actually didn't scream but I did have one of those good ol' hearty cries that leave you hiccupping when finished.

I remember a time, not that long ago, in which food would have been my comfort. It would start off with a visit to the snack machine or nearest gas station to buy some candy to hold me over until I got off work. Once my day finished, I would be sure to stop by the grocery store and buy an assortment of chips, key lime pie (single serving of course), and more than likely some more candy. I would then rent a movie and make my way home for a night curled up on the couch, food in hand and drown myself in my sorrows.

Now maybe you aren't as gluttonous as I was ☺, but for many we turn to some calorie rich form of temporary satisfaction to make us feel better....but do we really feel better?? I recall feeling miserable after I finished and even worse the next morning. My problem wasn't better and the guilt I felt from indulging weighed on me, literally and figuratively. I would possibly try to add in an extra workout or skip a meal thinking it would make it better but it never did.

Today I did something different. At the urging of a close friend I used this opportunity to blog, which was a FANTASTIC idea. However, if it wasn't blogging I perhaps would have gone for a walk during lunch, took some deep breaths and sat down to do some people watching (a favorite pastime). When I got home, I may have turned off the phone and got lost in the fictional world of a book. Possibly run a nice bath or turn on some old school music and laugh at myself in the mirror while dancing. The options are endless but if you notice, none of them had anything to do with food.

Using these different outlets will give you a newfound freedom. There is nothing like taking a moment for some healthy self-care. In fact, bad day or not, setting aside time for yourself is an absolute must! Growing beyond using food to pacify life's woes takes time but be patient with yourself.....You're Worth It!

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