29 July 2012

Energy and Dehydration

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Curb Cravings Blog Series Pt. 3

Energy and Dehydration

Energy Quick Fix

Cravings for sugar or refined carbohydrates can happen when our body needs an energy fix. Our body can extract energy from sugar very quickly, and is therefore the "food of choice" when a quick fix is needed.

To avoid the need for an energy quick fix, eat for sustained energy. Eat meals that are low in glycemic load – whole unprocessed foods such as whole grains, vegetables, and beans are great choices. They are high in fiber, which moderates the speed at which the sugar is absorbed by the body. Also, make sure you include a moderate amount of good fat and lean protein to slow down stomach emptying and increase satiety.

To support the body's energy production, increase intake of foods rich in vitamin B – they are vital in our body's energy production cycle. Good choices are whole grains, wheat germ, and brewer's yeast.


Cravings and fatigue can be caused by dehydration. Our body often misinterprets the sensation of thirst as hunger. Next time when you feel your cravings coming on, drink a glass of water, wait 15 minutes, and see if you are still hungry.

For more information about energy and dehydration and how it relates to sugar cravings, check out my 'Conquer Your Sugar Addiction' independent study program.

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