About Inspyre You

Karlyn BennFrom as early as elementary school, I was concerned about my weight. Always absorbed in my appearance, desperate for approval and possessing little self-esteem. Addicted to sugar, I would turn to sweets for comfort...and a little pizza or macaroni & cheese wasn't bad either. It got to the point where if change didn't occur, I was headed down a long, miserable road to unhappiness.

With the help of a friend I started exercising and making healthier food choices. Although I was feeling better and started losing weight, my motivation was still coming from the wrong place. Truth be told, all I wanted was for men to find me attractive and to fit the world's definition of beautiful. As a result of this being my rationale, my weight fluctuated for years. I was always trying to lose the same '10 pounds'....even when I was up 10 from the previous 10 I was trying to lose.

Eventually something finally clicked. I began to love ME! For the first time, I accepted myself for whom I was. Through love, I began to make sure I was healthy not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. This is when the journey began....

For a long time I don't think there was a nutrition book or lifestyle makeover article I didn't read. With the knowledge I gained, I was able to break my sugar addiction, manage stress, sleep better, gain energy, improve my relationships, and LOVE LIFE! My self-esteem skyrocketed and I would wake up every morning with a new sense of empowerment, ready to face whatever the world threw my way.

Due to my life experiences, it is my desire to help women and children live happy, healthy and confident lives. Although losing weight is usually the main objective, there is a bigger picture. Our health is priceless and is directly affected by our relationships, careers, spirituality and exercise habits.

As your health coach we will work together to find balance by figuring out what works best for YOU. My ability to confidently serve as your coach is not only because I've had my own challenges, but because I worked diligently to overcome them. I have received specialized training to help guide, motivate and encourage others from the internationally recognized Institute of Integrative Nutrition as well as possessing a Master's degree in Professional Counseling.